P-Square – Get Squared


P-Square – Get Squared

We have one of the highest selling album of the defunct P-Square group here tagged ‘Get Squared‘ which they released in 2005.

The P-Square Get Squared album has a total of 13 tracks on it including three instrumentals. This is their second studio album recorded and all the songs on it are all hits highly played in different places and still relevant till date.

You can download all the songs from P-Square Get Squared album below;

1. Story || DOWNLOAD MP3

2. Bizzy Body || DOWNLOAD MP3

3. Oga Police || DOWNLOAD MP3

4. Get Squared (Song) || DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Say Your Love || DOWNLOAD MP3

6. Your Name || DOWNLOAD MP3

7. Temptation || DOWNLOAD MP3

8. Omoge Mi (featuring Waje) || DOWNLOAD MP3

9. E Don Happen || DOWNLOAD MP3

10. Your Name (Remix) || DOWNLOAD MP3

11. Bizzy Body (Instrumental) || DOWNLOAD MP3

12. Get Squared (Instrumental) || DOWNLOAD MP3

13. E Don Happen (Instrumental) || DOWNLOAD MP3


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